Townwide Garage $ale

Garage Sale


Saturday, Sept. 16 and Sunday Sept.17

2 ways to participate!

At your home or a central location at the Mt Olive Municipal Building



$15 registration fee (proceeds to benefit Mt Olive Recreation) to list your location

$20 registration fee(proceeds to benefit Mt Olive Recreation) to get 2 parking spaces in the Mt Olive Municipal building parking lot.

Time: 8am – 4pm both days

What does my registration fee get me?

  • Listing on
  • Advertising on Facebook, e newsletters and local newspapers

2 ways to register!  Deadline Sept. 8 to get the full benefits

All Major Credit cards

Online https://www.eventbrit  


Download form

Townwide Yard Sale 2017 in home

Townwide Yard Sale 2017 municipal

and mail Po Box 450, Budd Lake, NJ 07828 with check payable to Mt Olive Recreation

By participating in this event the participant agrees that Mt. Olive Recreation/Township of Mt Olive, its workers, or volunteers will not be liable for property damage or personal injury to participants, their agents or employees, which may occur on or about any part of the subject premises, regardless of how such injury or damage may have occurred. Further, participants waive any claims against the Mt Olive Recreation/Township Of Mt Olive and assume all liability or loss or damage to their respective property and for personal injury entrusted to the premises. Participants will hold Mt Olive Recreation/Township Of Mt Olive harmless and will indemnify Mt Olive Recreation/Township Of Mt Olive against all liability or expenses arising out of any claim of injury or damage to any person or property, together with all costs in connection with the defense hereto, including attorney’s fees. The above-mentioned parties will not be responsible if the event is cancelled for any reason. I also understand that my payment is considered a donation to the Mt Olive Recreation/Township Of Mt Olive, as such it will not be refunded if I choose not to participate in this event; in other words, all payments are final.

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