Tinc Rd School: All Stars

Tinc Road School Students ONLY!

Grades K-5

 $35 weekly (*$30 for 3 day weeks)

$25 for 2 days

Following the success at Mt View School we have expanded to Tinc Road School! This  program is an extension of physical education classes. Students will learn the different skills involved in individual and team sports as well as playing  fun games.  Students will learn about nutrition, team-building, friendship, communication, etc. Due to the varying ages of the students,  this program allows for the older students to take on leadership and mentoring roles and set good examples for the younger students, while participating in all the activities.

Tues-Fri,  directly after school starting week of 9/20 thru out the school year

Pick up 5:00pm pm.

Location: Tinc Road School Gym.

Instructors PE teacher Mr. Gulli &  Special Education teacher Mr. Valverde

Online Registration  Tinc Rd All Stars 2016-2017



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