Minds in Motion

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Winter  2018

Learn all about electronics, magnetism, and more in this fun and educational hands-on workshop!  Take part in our Minds in Motion electronic lab and take home your very own circuit kit.  With the aid of your instructor, simply follow the colorful pictures in your manual to build up to 100 exciting projects such as a flying saucer, alarm, and doorbell!  All parts are mounted on plastic modules and snap together with ease.  You will also take part and witness many cool magnetic experiments including making and taking home the World’s Simplest Motor!  See a mysterious spinning top that never stops and witness a cool magnetic sand timer.  Watch electricity being produced by a hand held generator and take part in a cool activity involving a very powerful magnet.  Behold a special magnetic top levitating and much much more!

To register: https://register.communitypass.net/mountolive

Register Winter  2017 with Mastercard or Discover , if paying by check or cash please contact Recreation 973-426-7263

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