Budd Lake Beach Park

In an ongoing effort to redevelop and draw increased patronage to the Budd Lake Beach Park area, the Mount Olive Recreation Department has developed a wide variety of waterfront recreational options for area residents to enjoy throughout the summer. “Budd Lake is a beautiful natural resource in our town, and we intend to continue efforts to honor that ongoing,” stated Recreation Supervisor, Jill Daggon.


As of summer of 2015 Budd Lake Beach is no longer designated, operated or promoted as a public recreational bathing facility. As such, Budd Lake Beach is no longer subject to the requirements of the NJ Public Recreational Bathing rule, N.J.A.C. 8:26-1 et seq., and there will be no lifeguards.


Budd Lake Beach Park will now be home to a 100ft fishing pier, opportunities to launch personal watercraft such as kayaks and canoes, as well as stand up paddleboard lessons and sailing lessons offered through the Mount Olive Recreation Department. There is no admission fee to Budd Lake Beach Park and it is open to residents and non-residents alike to enjoy the nature and beauty of Budd Lake.

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