Have your next Event at the beach!!

Personalize your party! You can tailor your party to meet YOUR needs.

  1. Rental: Before or After hours (have the beach to yourself) – $75/hr for every 30 people
    1. Staying after opening or starting the event prior to closing can be arranged at a discounted rate.

2. Party during regular beach hours – For groups of 15 or more people, $4 per person beach admission – a 20% discount! Includes access to beach activities that day, excluding swim lessons.

3. Reserve the shade canopy and picnic tables for $75 for 3 hours.

$30 non-refundable deposit due at time of reservation.

 Host/Hostess will need to provide guest list to Beach Director. Each guest will need to check in at the gate.

Please print and fill out the form below. The Beach Director or Recreation Supervisor will confirm your party dates, times and staffing needs.