All Veterans Memorial



Location: Turkey Brook Park , 30 flanders rd, Budd lake NJ 07838



$100.00/hour Basic Rental for Mount Olive Residents
$125.00/hour Basic Rental for Non-Residents
$80.00 $80.00 Mandatory Service fee
$100.00  Security/Damage Deposit – to be returned un-cashed if there is no damage post event

Contact Liz for more details 973-691-0900 x7264


Families or individuals may use FIELDS, if the field is not being used by a group with a permit. Rules applicable to non-group use are based on treating the field respectfully and are called General Use Rules.


General Use Rules for EVERYONE (General Public and groups):

 All debris resulting from the activity must be picked up and disposed of properly, including recyclables.


  • Township Ordinance prohibits smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages at all Municipal and School fields and facilities.


  • Parking is allowed in designated vehicle parking areas only. No parking or vehicles are permitted on fields and/or grass areas at any time. Please be considerate of residents who live adjacent to park and school areas; as parking is prohibited on their private property.


  • Report all problems encountered with the facility of field to the Mt. Olive Township Recreation and/ or Parks, Buildings and Grounds Department within 24 hours of the conclusion of the activity.


  • Fields will be monitored on a regular basis to determine playing conditions. Fields may only be used when conditions allow. To maintain the quality of the playing surfaces on fields, fields will be closed for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance and weather conditions. When the Field Closed sign is displayed, then the field is closed for use until the Parks, Buildings & Grounds Supervisor or a designee of the department declares the field “open” for play. No one and No Group is allowed to enter a closed field for a game or practice! Field closures involve safety issues.


  • Anyone using a field/facility must leave it in proper condition.
  • Ordinances concerning Parks, Chapter 176 of the Mt. Olive Township Administrative Code.


These Rules and Policies are for GROUPS

The representatives of the applicant organization understand and agree to the following:


Organized large group activities are allowed by permit only. Facility/Field request forms must be properly completed and submitted according to the policies/procedures of the Recreation and Parks, Buildings and Grounds Departments.

  1. Activity(ies) will begin and end within the approved time frame.
  1. Specific and sufficient adults from the applicant’s organization will be assigned the sole responsibility of providing security and deterring vandalism. Permit holders will be held responsible for any damage done through their use.
  2. Mt. Olive Township will require the applicant group to provide remuneration to the Township and/or the Mt. Olive Board of Education for damages to the facility and/or repairs/replacement of damaged equipment.
  3. Mt. Olive Township Recreation and the Parks, Buildings and Grounds Departments retain the right to rescind this permit at any time and/or to terminate permits early to conduct park/field/facility maintenance projects.
  4. Permits may not be transferred to another party, nor sub-let to another party.
  5. Violations of any of the above may result in the cancellation of the permit and/or denial of future requests, and fines as established by township ordinance §176-9.