Engineering for Kids

engineering for kids

electronic g d

Grades 3-5

Municipal Building Cafeteria Time:5-5:45 pm

Cost:$140    6 Fridays, Oct 16-Nov 20

Students will work together using Multimedia Fusion 2®

to create their video game. Whether students wish to

fire marshmallows or missiles, they build a complete
video game from start to finish. They program characters to
survive a wave of enemy attacks in order to reach the next level. They will create their super hero, enemies, learn to work with graphics and create sound effects and music. At the end of the class, students take home a copy of the game they create which they can play on their own computers.

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Grades 1-3

Municipal Building Cafeteria  Time:5-5:45 pm

Cost $140       6 Mondays, Oct 19-Nov 23

Students will utilize the Engineering Design Process to create and build a variety of flying machines. Rocketry is one of the main components of this camp, and students will have the opportunity to construct their very own straw rockets and bottle rockets! Students will also get the chance to create their own colorful model hot air balloon, balsa wood airplane and design parachutes for a toy jumper. Students will close the program by looking at different forms of air transportation and simulating a lunar landing with a marshmallow “astronaut” that must survive being dropped from space.

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